Monday, January 10, 2011

besday 2.1.11

happy besday to uuuu, happy besday to uuu..
may Allah bless you n you really means to me...muahhh

act date 2.1.11 besday en kasim..
tp sb dh alang2 besday kakak pon bln nie gk...
so celebrate skali laaa..
adiah kakak je tggu on exact date ek...

emm...nk bg ape ek tuk kakak..

reunion 1.1.11

Salam semua..

ni 1st entry sempena new year 2011...

lets start with 1.1.11
tadaaaa...our reunion after 1 year leave from DOS..
but except for eton laaa...hihiihi

venue: Ruvena villa puchong, thanks to Suen..
time: start on 12pm...
menu: Dominos pizza, spaghetti and mushroom soup...